Springtime Sunshine, March 2016

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┬áSome springtime thoughts to brighten up your days…
Daylight saving time has begun, which means we are getting closer to Springtime. Please don’t look at it as losing an hour of sleep! Think of it as gaining an hour of sun in each of our days.
Even though Winter has been a mild one, I am looking forward to all the garden bulbs growing their beautiful flowers with lively colors and wonderful aromas, the tree buds blooming to fill our trees with life, and the sweet chirping of the birds singing to me as I awake in the morning.
Let us begin to plant our own seeds within to awaken from our wintry sleep. Each seed representing how we would like to grow, expand, and explore this new season.
Make sure you plant seeds of good Karma as well. We work so hard on our mats to improve, learn, and gain inner awareness about ourselves and life … Now, it is time to practice what we have accomplished off of our mats by sharing it with the world perhaps once a month, once a week, once a day or all day everyday.
Cultivate, nurture, and grow your garden of Peace, Kindness, Love and Patience. You will be surprised how your garden will flourish with abundance, enriching your soul and allowing you to embrace life in a whole new light.
Happiness and Love to All,
Linda Esposito

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