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Thanksgiving is my favorite day. I don’t think of it as a Holiday. Being grateful and thankful is and should be an everyday occurrence. One of the reasons it is most important to me is that there is no materialistic connotation to it…

A day where friends, family and strangers gather with all of life issues, laughter and/or tears. A day that we relate to life’s wonders filled with harvest provided by mother nature. Amazement of all those who have lived off the land for so long in every walk of life and all the changes this world has been through. Reflection and Thanksgiving go together. To see how we have all grown, learned and matured in so many different ways through the year; whether it be good or bad. For some, it is reflection that the Winter is upon us and its time to hibernate or just simply the start of the Holiday season.

Whatever it means to you and however you are spending the day, continue to be thankful yet another day and perhaps reflect, comfort those who need, feed those who are hungry and deep down inside know that there is always something to smile about. Extra Love to you all on my favorite holiday.

With gratitude,


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